A boudoir photography session is more than just being sexy in front of a camera. It is about expressing who you are and the boldness you have in yourself. I can not repeat it enough, “Boudoir is for everyone!” Usually, a boudoir session is put off until you’ve lost enough weight. Or until your husbands asks you for it. However, the truth is, you are ready for a boudoir session right now. There’s no weight that needs to be lost because it’s not only about being sexy in front of a camera lens. Boudoir is accepting the life that you’ve had, and fighting back with a vengeance. Additionally, husbands rarely ask for their wife to be confident. As women, we fail to realize that husbands desire strong and confident wives, especially towards them. Asking for a gift has a completely different meaning than receiving a gift. A boudoir album as a gift is a wonderful gesture to your husband suggesting that you believe in the romance of your relationship. We are always looking for the next best “body shaper”, but accepting that life is the ultimate body shaper is the best thing we can do.

A gift that’s demanded is no gift at all

A Snoodle’s Tale
Vivi Commands Courage

Vivi’s Fight For Life

Vivi was just that type of client. Being dealt hardships in life is not a new concept. Every one of us has a story and a reason. However, fighting back in life with confidence and ferocity is what encourages everyone else to keep going. As women, we generally love the strength of a monogamous relationship built on love and passion. Finding a soul mate and having that person want no one else but you is a great joy and achievement in life. Vivi has that accomplishment and she has always gone after the goodness in life. With faith and relationship in hand, life was ready to deliver culmination of all that perseverance in the form of a pregnancy. However, with that came life’s trials and struggles. Like most women during pregnancy, Vivi’s complications nearly took her life. But Vivi and her family did not give up.

Vivi’s Fight Of Life

With so much against her, Vivi was able to overcome her complications. With a scar on her areola as a reminder, she is able to continue on to be a fantastic mother and wife. But more importantly, she was able to find the ultimate body shaper for her boudoir session. Vivi used boudoir to command her courage and drive out her fear in order to accept who she was in life. With the health scare that almost took her life, societal pressures asking her to change, and every issue against her; she put on her body shaper to love herself. This boudoir session was not just finding the beauty in her, but capturing the beauty she was expressing. Her courage paves the way for everyone to know that you are always ready for a boudoir session. Love the “you” that you are. We enjoyed our session with her as it exemplifies the reason we do what we do.

“Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be You.”

Boudoir of Houston

Vivi’s story is similar to many others clients before her. A boudoir session is not only a great gift, but an amazing memento to the amazing person you are becoming today. Just like Liz and many others clients, having a momento to remember your boldness and confidence will help you to get through the trials to come in the future.

Just like Vivi, we would love to capture the expression of beauty you have. We are ready to start a session with you at any time. Light can not be tamed, so we must capture it when we can! Book your session below.

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