Vulnerability is Strength

The vulnerable can be described as a person who is easily persuaded or influenced; a passive person. Most people wouldn’t think that signs of strength would include vulnerability. Even, to think of that person as strong and full of optimism can be far-fetched. Especially in today society. Being vulnerable shows true transparency and courage. When a woman puts down the culture’s view of beauty or confidence, it frowned upon. Women must not be afraid of their vulnerability. Some women express this in public speaking. Others reveal their vulnerable side in poetry. But those who are truly brave enough ventures in a boudoir. So how can a boudoir session reveal this strength? It begins with curiosity and self- awareness.

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” 

Brene Brown

Recognizing the Signs of Strength

When a woman recognizes her own strengths and bravery, she’s able to look herself in the mirror and embrace her own beauty. Her own vulnerability. This is not weakness, this is the signs of strength and self-confidence we all strive to obtain. When one explores their vulnerability unashamed, they are unstoppable. Invincible. Let’s look at our recent client, Liz Lopez. Liz shares her story of perseverance and courage in front of our lens. She realizes that beauty is far beyond what others see and that it’s important to let others know it.

Liz Recognizing Strength

We met Liz haphazardly and we are so happy our paths crossed. She radiants with strength and confidence. Liz has embraced her body and her curves in all its glory. She says, ” I think what is important that regardless of your age, anyone could reach their goals. Especially someone who is 35 years old and a mother of 3. Every woman should embrace their curves and to never feel ashamed of their body.” There’s no such thing as a perfect body, but the one you are given is perfect for you. To embrace you is true strength and self-love. Liz has the confidence to motivate others to think more highly of themselves. Beauty is far beyond a picture, yet a photograph can tell a thousand stories. It can reach further than a conversation.

Strength Comes with a Price

Liz comes from a lineage of strong women, but with great strength comes with great obstacles. Liz has been recently diagnosed with Stage 0 Cervical Cancer and has undergone surgeries to successfully remove it. She is indeed a survivor on so many levels. She reveals that although this phase in her life wasn’t a glamorous one, she remains positive. Liz is focused on being the example her children need. This example is a reminder that there is no such thing as failure. To fail is never an option if you continue to push. Liz says, “Right now, what pushes me forward is to recover and heal from my hysterectomy surgery. I wasn’t going to let an illness hold me back. And for that, it makes me stronger and be able to focus on my future goals.” Being able to look an obstacle in its face, reveal her signs of strength.

“I wasn’t going to let an illness hold me back. And for that, it makes me stronger and be able to focus on my future goals. ” Liz Lopez

Speaking about her diagnosis and recovery
Being Vulnable  and Strong

Liz shows authenticity and bravery no matter the circumstance. We were privileged to photograph her before her diagnosis. It goes to show you that we must welcome our true selves no matter what and how easily life can take a detour. Life happens and there’s not much we can do but to live it. We must continue to live life and motivate others to do the same. That vulnerability people assumed was a weakness. It can be the very thing to encourage others to become more transparent and inspirational and find that their vulnerability is truly their sign of strength. A sign of true power!

We are grateful to have met Liz. We hope her story continues to motivate and inspire others to discover their signs of strength.

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