Boudoir is an intimate dance between overcoming and becoming. Our client Racheal, decided to come to us to have her first boudoir experience with us. Spoiler alert: We had a BLAST!

The Journey Begins

Upon her initial arrival, everything seemed new and daunting. Like many, coming to a new studio and environment is never a quick transition. You want to observe all of the aesthetics, smells, sounds, and emotions. It can really be overwhelming, however, the clients experience is our main focus. Therefore, we take the time to appreciate slowing things down.

Spoiler alert: We had a BLAST!

Our meeting started like many other cordial introductions. But instead of starting to shoot pictures and illuminate flashes, we believe it’s important to sit the camera down and connect. You deserve to have your desires met, and there is no better way to know what those are than to start a conversation. “What do you like to do with your hair? How do you like to pose? Are there any particular images that you have seen that best relate to you?”

The Overcoming Experience

Racheal First Boudoir Experience

After a refreshing bottle of water, and review of some posing suggestions; we are ready to start shooting. Nothing is ever rushed or forced. We promote natural emotions free from distractions.

Boudoir photography has a sense of vulnerability while building self-awareness. Moreover, these emotions and senses must be catered to in order to have a successful session and positive experience. We are driven to provide that luxury experience because our clients deserve it.

The Becoming Experience

Racheal Back Boudoir

As her session continued, her confidence began to flourish.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it” – Maya Angelou

Racheal began to bloom out of her shell. She started to understand what her body can do and how she can exemplify her feelings through her poses. What we were able to capture was a small butterfly effect that changed her entire outlook.

Boudoir photography has a sense of vulnerability while building self-awareness.

We witnessed an empowering journey unfold, that was evident even through the lens. Racheal’s blooming was even powerful enough to be published in Picton Magazine. We look forward to working with Racheal again, and we look forward to working with YOU!

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