Magical Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. Your body is practically building another person inside of you for 9 months! The days of nausea, heartburn, and let’s not forget about stretch marks… They’re all worth it in the end. But don’t get me wrong, you can feel unattractive and unmotivated. Some days, you just want to lie in bed and self-indulge on your favorite sweets. The most perfect part of it all is, you are entitled to do so! We are all aware that it’s a part of the pregnancy process and we can not deny that when the baby wants it, we gotta give it to them (or at least that’s our excuse 🙂 ) But there comes a time during the pregnancy that you just want to feel glamorous and magical. All of the magic and confidence that comes with your pregnancy can be revealed in your own unique session. This reason brought Kearia to our studio for her very own personalized pregnancy photo shoot.

Resting Pregnancy Pose for Boudoir Photo Shoot

Empowered by Boudoir

Women, like Kearia, walk into a session expecting the unexpected in a boudoir shoot, especially a maternity one. Posing is the most asked question because when carrying a child, you cannot contort your body as you would have before your pregnancy. That’s the magic of boudoir. We capture you in your most vulnerable state. Even when it comes to what to wear, if you have an over-sized sweater, magic can happen. We had the opportunity to experiment with textures and fabrics making her session unique. The beauty of photography is that no session is ever the same. Clients have unique stories and personalities which shines every time!

Pregnancy Angel in Window

Kearia is a second-time mom to be and she walked in expecting a non-traditional pregnancy photo shoot. She walked out embracing her body. Kearia definitely experienced a magical maternity boudoir session.

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