Society has a way of beating down the type of woman that it wants to glorify once they become successful. Shanice was very much accustomed to these same ideas and torments, having been beaten down and trampled over from family, friends, and even intimate relationships. It’s not easy to become that infamous strong black successful single mother, even in Houston. Especially when the truth is that it so finely rides the line of being the statistical dead-beat mother who should have done this or that differently. Having a boudoir session was a way to shield herself from the snares and misconceptions of society.

Boudoir Helps To Find Beauty

How Boudoir Protects My Identity

Being a Houston transport, it was not easy to find a place to fit in. Although people don’t like to talk about it, being accepted and wanted is a very real requirement for most humans. It took years for Shanice just to accept her freckles, and even then society and friends made her question that decision to love them. Being a single mother, everyone was ready to spit her out and count her as a another number for the losers column. This boudoir session showed her how to love herself. She didn’t like her height, her weight, her face, or anything physically about herself. She was different. But being different is obviously not a bad thing. It’s OK to stand out; to “Be YOU!” She is fearfully and wonderfully made, and this session was a light to expose that to her. Now she will have these images as a reminder every time someone says differently. It’s her shield against society’s image of her.

Boudoir Confidence in Myself

Boudoir sessions are a great way to gain confidence. Like many of our other clients, boudoir is a powerful tool to build confidence and keep it!

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  1. Kiara - February 12, 2019 Reply

    Shanice is BEAUTIFUL ! From those freckles all the way to her feet ! She’s stunning and brings hope to others like herself

  2. Monique - February 12, 2019 Reply

    This is soul touching! Shanice I’m so proud of you. You are one of a kind. Black, Bold, and Beautiful made!!! Keep smiling

  3. Kelli Massey - February 12, 2019 Reply

    I love the statement you are making. Self love is so important and it’s hard to come by. We are our own worst critic. You are beautifully made by Our Lord & Savior. You are beautiful!

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