As we have said before, boudoir photography starts with a “Yes!”. Although you may not know what to do, what to wear, or even how to pose; as long as you say “Yes”, we can produce that empowerment out of you. E.E. Cummings said it best when he said, “Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”

What society fails to realize is that everyone needs to be replenished.

The Empowerment Journey Begins

Nicole's Empowerment Journey Begines

We have worked with Nicole in the past before. This is actually where our journey began. Working with her at local modeling agency sessions revealed a much deeper connection. As we transitioned to boudoir photography, we always kept in close contact. Having been a professional model at one time, Nicole was very much aware of how to pose and what to wear. So that raises the question, how or why would she need to a session of empowerment? What society fails to realize is that everyone needs to be replenished. Life takes a lot out of you each day you go out and try your best to live it. We understand that, we believe that, and we express that through the lens.

The Overcoming Empowerment Experience

Nicole arrived ready to pose. She was ready to respond to the flashes and lights the same as always. However, after that first image, we all knew this would be an experience different from any photography session we’ve had before. She would be able to express herself unlike any other time before, thus exposing her empowerment and happy demeanor. This would not be the normal response to “place your hand here” or “lower your chin a little”. Instead, this session would be more about what she wanted out of life and herself. We wanted to deliver to her what she wanted to see inside of herself. Instead of going through a standard set of poses and looks, this session was more about personality and style. The natural progression of friendship and comfort is what replenished her. Additionally, the comfort of our confidence in delivering excellence helped to pull confidence and comfort from Nicole. It was an overcoming experience of building a natural relationship. Not a social media relationship, or an internet fly-by-night conversation; a genuine face-to-face relationship. But empowerment is never easily attained similar to those flimsy internet conversations.

The Becoming Empowerment Experience

Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself.

Throughout this entire photography session, it became less about taking pictures and more about connecting. From family, to children, to lifestyle; we discussed everything in between. That natural flow of relationship gave birth to something gorgeous which was a CONFIDENT Nicole. The Nicole that walked into our studio was a professional Nicole. The Nicole we ended with was pure confidence. She embodied every shot, and she rocked it! There is a difference between posing for the camera, and allowing the camera to capture your essence. Posing is structural and rigid. Once you have the right angle and the right amount of light, you just hold it as long as possible until the shutter button is pushed. Whereas allowing the camera to capture your beauty, there is no wrong pose. There is no rigid feelings. You are able to breathe easy and just glow with beauty! I’m glad we were able to be apart of that transformation for Nicole.

Embracing Her Confidence

She embodied every shot, and she rocked it!

If you are ready to embark on your own journey to confidence and empowerment, feel free to Contact Us!

Boudoir photography is a very delicate and intimate experience. If you have any questions on how a session works, please reach out.

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    Wow, I always knew you’d shine.

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