One of the most important aspects of a boudoir session is attire. With so many variations of boudoir lingerie and styles, it is hard to find your statement piece that will speak volumes in your album. Even in Houston, there are many ways to decide on the best lingerie outfits for your boudoir session.

Use this guide to help you while deciding which boudoir lingerie or bridal outfit best fits you.

1. Start With An Over-sized Luxury Item

Boudoir is about expressing yourself and making a statement. Over-sized items such as large sweaters or button-up shirts are a good way to start your session. Always think of your session as a story. Begin your session with the largest pieces of attire so that your album will progress through a series of looks. Additionally, large pieces can feel like a statement of beauty and pureness. Similar to a snuggly blanket engulfed in a brisk morning. Whether you have large pieces or standard fit, it is highly recommended to begin your session in comfort. This helps to set the tone that the rest of the album will be genuine and “YOU”.

2. Bring in The Stylish Lingerie Piece

Now is time for the statement lingerie. You have become comfortable with the environment and the lights, so now you can really start to work your lingerie piece. This piece is a nice teddy, body suit, or statement piece similar to this. You also want to be sure to keep the story flow in order. Starting with the large over-sized item, we have come to the not so large lingerie that’s not full exposure. This can be something special to you, or a new purchase. There are also special designers that can create custom pieces, such as NikkiVSNicole. The lingerie design and concept shown here was created and styled by Nicole in a special boudoir session. Designers take careful consideration to fit your lingerie pieces to your body shape and character. Additionally, it enhances your luxury boudoir session while someone makes sure you are glam gorgeous and dynamic.

For brides, this is the best time to bring in those accessories. The garters, veils, and jewelry pieces. The accessories will accent the pieces to help tell a graceful story.

3. Expose the Underwear/Bra Boudoir Combination

A lot of people fear the panty/bra combination. There is this hype that you need to find the most expensive bra/panty lingerie set that you can find as fast as you can. This presents a big issue when it’s rushed. A bra in the wrong size or color that doesn’t contrast well will definitely show in your final images. In actuality, you want to appear as comfortable as possible in your images. Boudoir stands for a woman’s private room. A combination set that you already own works perfect for this look. I don’t recommend purchasing a panty/bra set just for the photo session. If purchasing anything, be sure to purchase your personality and character. I recommend using an actual lingerie vendor such as Untamed Lingerie in Houston, so that you are properly sized and fitted. If you are worried, bring multiple sets. This is the smallest set of the attire, so you cannot be over prepared. You’d be surprised, even mismatched colors can work for this portion.

4. The Mix and Match Lingerie Style

The final set to be prepared for is the mix and match lingerie. There is no attire preparation for this, as this is completely based on blind creativity. The last look is a mixture of the previous pieces and nudity. If you want to know how best to utilize nudity, read here about when you should utilize nudity in your session.

This is also a good time to bring out the accessories. The actual goal is contrast. Items that stand out will “pop” out tremendously in camera.

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