Boudoir style and genre are considered to be a very secretive and reserved art form. A lot of people have a hard time finding a good boudoir photographer due to all of the horrible marketing and taboo behavior of photographers. However, when boudoir is focused on classiness and empowerment, the resulting art is very desirable to publications. Our style of boudoir is all about empowerment, and less about sexuality which helps for magazine submissions. Although the emotion and composition of our images are very dramatic, the result is magazine quality while still telling the story.

Why Our Magazine Submissions Are Accepted

There are many features that a publication looks for in submissions. We tend to go the extra mile to make sure we are accepted for any session we submit.

1. Research the Publication


No matter how well we may know a magazine or not, we have a standard research procedure we follow. Look at the magazine’s issues for the last 4 months. This ensures that you have a good idea of what that publication desires to display for this season. Additionally, it gives you a really good sense of whether the session will fit the style of the publication. For instance, our Evon cover publication does not fit that particular magazine’s style over the year. However, when you view the months leading up to the issue submission, you can see how their style became very conducive to our style in the previous couple months.

2. Give Your Session Purpose

No matter what style photography you are shooting, never begin a session without a purpose. Even though our session with Shianne was a fun and amazing photo shoot, our goal was more than a publication. Shianne is a phenomenal person. Her goals and desires were for her character to be shown in this session. She is strong and professional, but she is also beautiful and delicate. With that purpose in mind, you can see how the results were easy to display in the final image. Moreover, the purpose helped to deliver a key factor that publications always desire. That key desire is multiple looks and outfits.

3. Keep It Classy, and Never Trashy

This is a point that a lot of people don’t understand. Some people have reservations against sensual images and nudity, while others have a strong compulsion for exposure. No matter what your end goal is, the process should always be classy. We have very strict concerns for nudity, and we always respect our client’s boundaries; however, we are sure to capture all images respectably while still telling a story. When the images captivate the essence of a story, it becomes desirable across all styles of magazines.

Is Quality Important For Magazine Submissions?

Image quality has always been a taboo topic when talking about magazine submissions. If you focus on image quality but miss the emotion, an image of less quality may be accepted while your image is rejected. As a result, we are sure to always take quality imagery. Final images must pass a strict quality inspection which includes composition. It’s best to keep high quality as the minimal standard, then every session is magazine quality. Our sessions do yield less viable images than the standard boudoir industry, however, our company’s key foundation is to delivery quality imagery, not quantity imagery. It is much more desirable to select between 40 high quality images than to select between 5 high quality images out of 200.

Can I Be In A Magazine?

This is a question that our clients ask us often. The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Any session completed with us can be submitted to several magazines, usually at no additional cost. Once your release form is completed, we get right to work searching magazines that meet your session style. The process is usually streamlined through submission portals, and we keep you up to date on the entire process all the way through to acceptance. Are you ready to be on the next cover? Schedule a session today!

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