Boudoir has always been perceived as a single intimate moment captured on camera. In reality, boudoir is a discovery of intimacy. Kat found this out in her latest session. Her first session was an eye opening experience that boosted her confidence, and knocked the dust off her perception. For her second session, she was much more comfortable, and had a higher expectation of herself. It was more than a rediscovery. It was an evolution of tenacity

[Boudoir of Houston] captured such a beautiful side of me that I didn’t kno I had, even with my dorky smile haha


Life and Stress!

Kat has always been classy. She has a loving husband, and she adores her children. Self-confidence is not something that she misses often. But life can wear on even the strongest. From stresses of working and eyes of judgement from society, it’s tough to know yourself and be confident in knowing that what you’re doing is sufficient. There are blogs judging your every appearance, saying that you shouldn’t wear jogging pants or your husband will leave you. There are mom groups that peer into your parenting style to say how your children don’t respect you. Today’s society is tough on every woman, and it’s hard not to be tough on yourself.

The Result of a Second Session

Kat’s first session helped to establish the confidence and moral to keep pushing. In her second session, she came back with more ferocity and force then ever before. Having a boudoir session is nice as a gift to a loved one, or an empowerment gift to yourself. But a second session is all about proving yourself. Once you know yourself, feel that confidence, and see that other side; you can test the waters to solidify who you are. It demonstrates that newfound comfort in accepting who you are, and LOVING YOU!

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